U16/18/21 Info

Seeded Program (U16, U18, U21) 1998 and older

The SEEDED COMPETITION COMMITTEE administers the criteria, which are established to select seeded competitors (15 years and older) to fill the Maine quotas to elite events, and selects the coaching staff to accompany these racers and recommends changes in the Maine Teams as needed. Committee:

Laurel Lashar –llashar@sugarloaf.com

Kurt Simard,- simardk@gouldacademy.org

Doug Williams,- dwilliams@gocva.com

Amy Dyer,- amydyer33 @gmail.com

Rogan Connell- rconnell@bates.edu

SEEDED COMPETITORS born in 1998 or older. U18, U21 are eligible to be selected to fill a state quota slots and represent Maine at the FIS Events, Eastern Jr. FIS finals   and U18 & U21 USSA Finals. U16  athletes are eligible to be selected to the Marriot U16 Jr. championships and Eastern U- 16 Finals. For athletes to be considered for these quotas, your 2014-2015 USSA and MARA membership needs to be active at the time of selection.

Selections for FIS Open Series 2014-15 season. ( Attitash, Proctor, Sunapee & Sugarbush in February)

State quota of 5 will include at least 3 U18 athletes.  These athletes will be selected by NTSM (see below). Notice of intent to compete for seeded competitors will be due within 48 hours of the publishing of the list of automatics by the Eastern USSA office. The initial quota list will be sent to all registered seeded coaches. After the seeded chair announces the Maine quota list, coaches have 24 hours to confirm an athlete’s attendance, in writing, at the event. If an athlete’s name is on the Maine quota list for an event and the athlete does not attend the event, the athlete will not be considered in next selection process. Coaches who submit Development forms to the Eastern USSA are required to send copies electronically to the Seeded Committee Chair, Laurel Lashar Fax 237-3026 or e-mail llashar@sugarloaf.com

National Team Selection Method (NTSM)

Names of competitors in contention are organized by appropriate points or rankings, FIS or USSA, but not mixed, in each discipline of the meet or series for which a team is to be selected (or according to national/regional/divisional/state polices). Each discipline is ranked in a separate vertical column, lowest points or best ranking on top to higher points on bottom. Duplications of the same athlete in more than one column are listed.

Selection is accomplished by proceeding across each horizontal row, choosing the lowest points/ranking in the first row, second lowest points/ranking in that row, third and fourth, if appropriate, before moving down all columns to the next row. As racers are selected in one column they are crossed out in all columns; however, lower listed racers do not move up in their columns when duplicated names are crossed out. (Taken from Page 29 of the 2015USSA alpine competition guide)

SELECTION PROCEDURES FOR 2014-15 U18 & U21 Championship/post season events


World Cup Cup Points Scale to be used for U18-U21 selection to post season events

World Cup points are referred to frequently in ranking/selection procedures. According to the scale adopted by the FIS, points are awarded by place to the first thirty finishers according to the following scale.

In case of a tie (identical times), each tied racer receives the points for that place, according to the schedule. Following racers receive points according to their place. Note: Ties will result in one, or more, vacant place(s). For example, a two-way tie for third means no 4th place points are awarded; next points go to fifth place. A three-way tie for first would mean next place points awarded are for fourth place.

There may be departures from this point scale, but following the same general principles.

Place points

1st 100 11th 24 21st 10

2nd 80 12th 22 22nd 9

3rd 60 13th 20 23rd 8

4th 50 14th 18 24th 7

5th 45 15th 16 25th 6

6th 40 16th 15 26th 5

7th 36 17th 14 27th 4

8th 32 18th 13 28th 3

9th 29 19th 12 29th 2

10th 26 20th 11 30th 1

(Taken from Page 30 of the 2015 USSA Alpine Competition Guide)


Eastern Junior FIS Finals @ Okemo March 8-12, 2014

The State of Maine has a quota of 5 spots. The quota will be distributed to 2 male/2 female with the 5th quota spot to be determined by the gender distribution as of January 1 MARA membership list. All selections will be based on results from the best two finishes based on world cup points acquired within the MARA qualifying series. MARA will break ties by using the next best finish. Any athlete qualifying on the regional quota will not be counted against the MARA quota.

U18 & U21 Finals USSA @ Gore March 14-17, 2015   SG, GS, SL

State quota of 21 spots will be determined by the gender distribution as of January 1 MARA membership list. All selections will be based on results from the best two finishes based on world cup points acquired within the MARA qualifying series. MARA will break ties by using the next best .


U16 Maine State Qualifying Series: Seeding, Qualifying and Selection
The State Qualifier Series for the U16 age group consists of two (2) Slaloms, two (2) Giant Slaloms, and two (2) Super G, The post-season events for this age group are the U16 Eastern Championship and the U16  Finals. Selections for U16 Eastern Championships and U16 Finals will be based on the best 2 (2) of a possible six (6) results from the State Qualifier Series using only one speed event. The ranking list will be made by using the World Cup point ranking systems, Non-MARA license holders will not displace MARA members in the point calculations. Ties will be broken by the next best result(s) regardless of discipline. Ties will be broken by using the single best result. If a tie still exists the next best result would be used. This process would continue until the tie is broken. In a shortened season, the number of State Qualifier Series results counted toward qualifying will equal thirty-three percent (33%) of the total results hosted at the end of the qualifying season, rounded to the nearest whole number. If more than one SG is hosted at a site, the first race will be the designated qualifier.


U16 Speed Training and Racing
U16 Super G events no longer require a SG training run prior to the competition.  MARA strongly encourages mountains to host a training run. Training times are not to be posted. U16 racers registered for SG races must be represented at the Team Captain’s meetings.
As in prior years, MARA recommends that any U16 who qualifies for the U16 Championships or Finals, compete in a USSA SG prior to competing in one at a championship

U16 Post-Season events and quotas:

Gender allocation for the MARA quotas to the U16 Eastern Championships and Finals will be equal to the percentage of U16 boys and girls MARA members as of January 1, 2015. The quota allocations will be confirmed by the Seeded Committee and published on the MARA website prior to the first qualifier of the state race series.

Eastern U16 Championships at Whiteface March 16-20 , 2015 SL, GS, SG: MARA quota 16 (9 men & 7women). This will be a seeded event. There will be no training run prior to the Super G race.

Eastern U16 Finals at Sunday River March 12-15, 2015 SG, GS, SL: MARA quota of 21 total. This will be a scored event. There will be a training run prior to the Super G race.

U16 Am-Cam at Tremblant March 24-26, 2015 quota 7

EASTERN U16 Elite Speed Camp
This is to be held Feb  25 & 26 at Sugarloaf. Selections will be made by the USSA Eastern Office. Coaches may submit discretionary nominations to the USSA Eastern Competition Manager by 1/24.