Change in how the U16′s are scored for end of season events:

U16 Maine State Qualifying Series: Seeding, Qualifying and Selection

The State Qualifier Series for the U16 age group consists of two (2) Slaloms, two (2) Giant Slaloms, and two (2) Super G, The post-season events for this age group are the U16 Eastern Championship and the U16 Finals. Selections for U16 Eastern Championships and U16 Finals will be based on the best 2 (2) of a possible six (6) results from the State Qualifier Series using only one speed event. The ranking list will be made by using the World Cup point ranking systems, Non-MARA license holders will not displace MARA members in the point calculations. Ties will be broken by the next best result(s) regardless of discipline. Ties will be broken by using the single best result. If a tie still exists the next best result would be used. This process would continue until the tie is broken.